Michigan State University

This residency program is affiliated with the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSU-COM) and with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU-CHM). This unique dual affiliation provides residents access to the significant resources of a major university. 

Family Practice Network

This Network is sponsored by MSUCHM and consists of nine allopathic family practice residencies within the State of Michigan. The purpose of the Network is to facilitate relationships between the residencies in order to promote family practice education within the state. These relationships provide the benefit of shared resources through faculty exchanges and development, joint grant writing, research collaboration, and shared ideas. This interaction between the residencies and the Department of Family Practice at MSUCHM strengthens the educational foundation of our program. An example of this network is the annual Chief Resident Leadership Conference in May.

Statewide Campus System (SCS)

The Statewide Campus System is comprised of 17 Michigan Osteopathic Family Practice Residencies and MSUCOM. The program includes participation in the monthly SCS Family Practice Education Day Series. Each day-long session at MSU draws approximately 150 family practice residents for lectures, procedural workshops, and other interactions. MMC interns and residents are relieved from their normal rotations and call duties to attend these sessions. SCS also offers a family practice faculty development fellowship for attending physicians and interested residents.