Letter from the Chief Residents


Hello! First, I would like to welcome you to the Family Medicine Residency website for Genesys Regional Medical Center.  I speak not only for myself, but for all of the staff when I say that I am delighted you have shown an interest in our program.  Choosing a residency program is not easy and I would like to share with you some of the reasons why you should consider training at Genesys.

In addition to being the largest family medicine residency in Michigan and one of the largest in the country, we are truly a family.  At Genesys, we offer an opportunity for you to work closely with your colleagues so that you will develop long lasting personal and professional relationships.  Here at Genesys, we are a close knit group; working as a team will be crucial to your success and to making your residency experience a pleasurable one.  You will spend long nights in critical situations with your colleagues and continue to expand on those relationships during our many social activities such as our International Potluck, Christmas party, Chinese New Years party, birthdays, celebrations and just fun nights out on the town.

A family physician must be able to address all aspects of medicine, from the individual, to the family, to the community. You must be able to address the biological, psychological and social aspects of medicine. As a family medicine resident in our program you will have to opportunity to follow patients though their pregnancy, take care of your patient’s children, family members and parents. You will have a close working relationship with the Genesys psychology fellowship and work with community organizations.  These interactions will be guided by the core competencies set up by the ACGME and AOA.

We have a greatly diversified group of faculty and residents and our program is dually accredited in allopathic and osteopathic medicine.  Our Attendings, as well as our residents, come from a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities.  This range of circumstances allows us to have faculty trained in almost any skill you would desire to learn during your residency.  This will provide an environment in which you will have plenty of supervision to be comfortable in your endeavors and maintain the freedom to develop your own personal style.

Considering life outside of work is also very important.  As someone who was raised down the road from Genesys Hospital, I can tell you that this is an excellent community and a great place to raise a family with first-rate schools.  We are lucky enough to have all four seasons in Michigan and all of the excitement and activities that accompany the change in weather.  During the summer, there are a multitude of festivals, as well as farmer’s markets, outdoor eating and concerts in the local parks.  Up north Michigan is a great place for a weekend getaway to experience a cabin on the lake, the beautiful beaches, wineries and many other outdoor activities.

Thank you for taking the time to view the Genesys website.  I hope that my thoughts have provided some insight into all that we have to offer our incoming residents and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit.

Robert Hutchins, DO


Thank you for your interest in the Genesys Family Medicine Residency program.  The first priority of this program is the optimal education of Family Medicine residents by both faculty within the department and specialists in a wide variety of disciplines.  Our education includes a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings and over the course of three years, this education moves more from the inpatient to the outpatient setting.   

Our program stresses enhancement of education.  Our typical day starts with morning report.
Every Wednesday afternoon, we have didactics with teaching sessions from attendings and specialists on a variety of topics.  Twice a month, residents attend CME conferences held at Michigan State University and Genesys.  To assess educational comprehension, we complete quizzes, quarterly and in-training exams.

Currently, I am serving as one of the chief residents.  As a chief, my role consists of acting as a liaison between the residents and the faculty.  We have a good working relationship with our faculty and act as resident representatives at weekly faculty meetings.

Our faculty members are quite supportive and possess a wide range of experience in medicine with a strong, solid knowledge base.  In addition to their educational support, our faculty participate in other activities including sports activities such as long distance running, tennis and table tennis. Last year, we participated in two different fund raisers.  One involved marathon running and another was a painting exhibition.  One of the benefits of our residency program is our Genesys Athletic club; I have to say this is the best gymnasium I have ever seen.

Although we are all here to expand our education, we also have a lot social events in the program and you will find our program to be very family oriented.  We kick off each year with our International Potluck with an international food party hosted by one of the Family Medicine faculty.  Gatherings throughout the year include a Halloween party, holiday party, and graduation picnic to name a few.  We also have resident social opportunities to gather together.  Our local area offers lots of out door activities including lakes for skiing and swimming and winter snow activities including snow boarding and cross country and downhill skiing.

Our program has residents from various parts of the world and offers a unique cultural mix.  You will find we function as a close knit family.  Overall, we have a lot fun along with learning medicine.

Sunil Kumarr, M.D.