Resident Social Activities

At Genesys Family Practice, family is one of our top priorities. In our residency program, there’s more to life than work. Social events are an integral part of balancing the stresses of residency. Fellow residents and faculty are more than just our colleagues…they’re also our friends. Our regularly scheduled activities are fun for the whole family. The support system you gain by being a part of such a large residency program is invaluable. We’ve had events such as:

  • International potlucks, where we enjoy food from around the world.
  • The annual Ping Pong/Karaoke Party, hosted by one of our own faculty—The competition is fierce!
  • Graduation celebrations to send our seniors off with a bang!
  • Annual Holiday Extravaganza—complete with ballroom dance lessons and a chance to see the faculty shake it!!
  • Sporting events—GO TIGERS!