About our Program


What makes our program unique from the many other programs out there?

Genesys Regional Medical Center is founded on its strong primary care base. The family medicine residency program has been integral to the success of the hospital. Without a strong primary care base a community hospital cannot survive. Many of our graduates have remained in the community contributing to the ongoing success of Genesys.

The Family Medicine residency program at Genesys Regional Medical Center is a dually accredited combined allopathic and osteopathic program. The program is one of the largest family medicine residency programs in the state of Michigan. This program provides three years of comprehensive training with the goal to train excellent family physicians. We have 39 residents total consisting of allopathic, osteopathic, and international medical graduates. We are affiliated with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Moving into the future, the delivery of healthcare is undergoing a drastic overhaul in this country. Genesys is looking toward the future and is committed to being part of the solution by emphasizing a “Population-Based” health care delivery model to provide the best medical care for our community. The patient and the family physician are core and integral to this process. The family medicine residency program is integral to helping transition into this model.

We are currently remodeling our curriculum to reflect the growing diversity in family medicine. By doing so, we have retained the traditional family medicine program and have added the ability to emphasize training in three areas of interest through the following tracts: Ambulatory, Hospital, and Women’s Health.

Our program will utilize an electronic health record to integrate information systems into providing quality health care to our patient population. By using informatics, we will be better able to provide continuity of care between the ambulatory and hospital inpatient settings. We will train you to emphasize preventative medicine, better manage chronic disease states, better educate patients, and utilize this technology to provide better care for your patients and their families.

We will provide you the education that will allow you to become a competent family physician upon graduation. We will also prepare you to continue to grow, learn, and adapt to the ever changing scope in the practice of family medicine.